How Do You Respond When God Moves Suddenly?

January 16, 2019

What happens when something completely unexpected comes into our lives? What happens when God moves in our lives "all of a sudden?" Join us today on the Autumn Miles Show as we discuss how God came to lowly shepherds in the field "suddenly"! 


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Let It Go

January 9, 2019

Why do we hold on to things when God has already said to let go? Join us today as we discuss on the show on how we let things go and allow the Lord to have His way!


Are You Too Busy?

January 2, 2019

Do you find yourself too busy to serve the Lord? Has "I'm too busy" become an excuse in your life? Join us today as we discuss the balance of work, rest, and serving the Lord!


Remove The Barriers

December 26, 2018

What is standing between you and your victory? Join us today as Autumn encourages us to remove the barriers in front of us, boldly charging forward in the Lord! 


Baby Mama - Part Two

December 20, 2018

Leaving off from our last episode, join us today as we walk through the book of Luke, chapter one! Autumn discusses Mary, mother of Jesus, and how we have been given the same role in carrying hope for others! 


Baby Mama - Part One

December 19, 2018

Don't miss this two-part episode series called, "Baby Mama"! We are designed to carry something, or someone, for the Lord! Learning from the story of Mary, mother of Jesus, join us today as we walk through the book of Luke, chapter one!


Wait On God

December 14, 2018

As we close in on Christmas Day, we are reminded that the Lord uses the wait to bring about His promises. Join us today as we discuss the gift of waiting this season!


FAQ with Autumn Miles

December 12, 2018

Every single day, Autumn Miles Ministries receives countless messages and comments about anything and everything! Today, Autumn and special guest, Kassy Mayer, tackle several of them on the show! Join us today for a fun time in the studio with some of YOUR frequently asked questions!


It’s My Turn - Part Two

December 7, 2018

Leaving off from the last episode, join us today as we pick up just as the disciple Peter steps off the boat to meet Jesus. In our own lives, we can step into the calling, with full faith, knowing that the Lord has a plan for us. 


It’s My Turn - Part One

December 6, 2018

Join us today for the first installment of "It's My Turn!" No one wants to simply be a spectator in life. Step into the plan and purpose that the Lord has for you today!